Notes from Tapestry Writers Collective

Black Futurists Speak: An anthology of new black writing is available to download for FREE until Jan. 26

Book CoverThe Black Futurists are a forward-thinking arts think tank where artists & theorists are invited to come together to build projects influenced by the realities of black science fiction and the science fiction of black reality. Our mission is to create new, liberating mythologies.

Black Futurists Speak is a multimedia literary performance project showcasing some of the most cutting edge young wordsmiths, lyricists and storytellers working in the Bay Area combined with live painting and musical performances ranging from hip hop to free jazz.

Step 1: Follow this link and download the anthology for your Kindle (or computer, smartphone or tablet)

Step 2: Read, enjoy and bask in the mind numbing brilliance of your fellow artists.

Step 3: LEAVE A REVIEW!! (this part is important so we can show folks that we do in fact kick as much ass as we say we do.

Step 4: Help us spread the word: Share the work with your friends, social networks, book circles and anyone who loves great writing.

Download now!